Tap Int/Adv | Ages 10+

June 5, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Paradise Performing Arts Center
29 Shipman St. #202
$40.00/Month - Summer Session
Reina Dawn

This is a Beginning to Intermediate class for those new or lightly experienced in Tap dance – we’re staring from the top! Come get your toes (and heels) a tappin’ learning the basic techniques and terminology of Tap through both Rythym and Broadway styles. Classes groove along to multiple forms of jazz music creating a fun, light and rhythmic environment! For ages 8 – 14. Adult classes available on Thursdays!

The aim for tap classes is to teach level-appropriate tap fundamentals that can be built-upon as dancers advance in their training. Basic steps will be taught in an easy to learn, fun, and safe manner that encourages group and individual participation. Once mastered, basic steps will be combined to create short combinations that will be practiced across the floor and in the center of the room, and eventually strung into full-length choreography that showcases the students’ talent and ability. Additional emphasis will be placed on learning balance and shifting weight, creating proper tap sounds, rhythm, and coordinating tempo of steps to music as well as listening other dancers to produce a strong collective sound.

A little Tap Shoe 101…

Rhythm Tap is typically danced in the flat shoe as it utilizes both the toe and heel taps equally. The Broadway style is done in the heel shoe as most of the work is done on the balls of your feet. The heel shoe will not allow the maximum amount of sound from your shoe for the style of tap we will be doing in this class. In addition, it’s a very difficult shoe to initially learn in, usually the style of shoe you work up to.

Tap Shoe Recommendations:

A flat, Oxford style shoe with Tele Tone Taps are ideal however, not required. If there are any additional questions please email Reina.

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