Our spacious room with sound system is available to rent for only $30.00 an hour!

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The space itself is approximately 1800 sq. ft. Both the sound system and piano are available for use.

A brand new AC unit and insulated attic were installed in May 2017.


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Why is flooring important for dancers? What is the impact of flooring on dance injuries?

Simply put, with bad flooring and bad technique, you are bound to get injured. A lack of absorption from the floor and through the biomechanics of how you move, repeated over and over as we do when dancing, will put excessive strain on particular muscles, ligaments and bones and lead to chronic pain and injuries such as Stress Fractures.

If there is no give in the surface, this compounds the force going through the dancers limbs, already many times their body weight. Simply laying a Tarkett over concrete is not good enough for even recreational dancers. Wooden flooring offers natural spring, and allows dissipation of the forces across a much greater area. Specifically designed sprung flooring takes this to a new level, with one layer of flooring suspended over the other, giving room for the reverberation of the floor in between.

With Good Flooring and Bad Technique you will still get injuries, as the repetitive actions required in dancing will take a toll, even when there is the highest quality flooring.

With Bad Flooring and Good Technique, there will be less injuries, but the dancer may still feel strain in their low back, knees and shins from absorbing the shock. And if the surface of the floor is slippery, they run the risk or falling and hurting themselves directly.

With Good Flooring and Good Technique you are in the safest situation possible. In this case, injury prevention comes down to the Choreography and self management in regards to sleep, nutrition and Hydration issues.

(Source: https://www.theballetblog.com/portfolio/the-impact-of-flooring-on-dance-injuries/)


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Baby Grand Piano!

Security Camera installed for extra protection and safety!