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“I had Nadia as a teacher when I was only eight years old. Now, ten years later, her methods of teaching have stayed with me. She always pushed me to be the best that I can be in all styles, and showed me the importance of being open to learning new things, while still challenging myself in what I have learned in the past. I am so lucky to have had her as a teacher and I know that she is changing many dancers lives now, and will continue to do that as she starts this new chapter of her life.”

-Olivia Reck, 18 years old, LACSA Student


“The ensemble flourished under the hands of Saplan. Every moment was shaped with care. While he may be young, it is evident that his ears and artistry surpass his youth.”

– Southern Florida Classical Review
(For a conducted performance of La Boheme)


“Bold and Unapologetic. It is clear that Saplan bravely stood by his vision and his actors found a beacon of inspiration from it. His vision and leadership was impeccable and evident throughout the performance.”
Ft. Lauderdale’s Sun Sentinel
(For a directed performance of Kāmau)


“I am so proud of my daughter and I can’t wait to give her more opportunities to practice her talent and perform. Her favorite thing is singing with you all!”
– Parent of Anuenue Children’s Chorus Student

Lisa Taylor Children's Chorus Action shot
“Wow…I was impressed! How wonderful.”
Parent of Anuenue Children’s Chorus Student

Lisa Taylor Headshot
“They had so much fun!”
– Parent of Anuenue Children’s Chorus Student

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“Nadia is not only a passionate artist, but a passionate teacher. She knows how to make a class structured and challenging, while still creating a fun filled atmosphere for her students; thus bringing out the best in themselves and in their craft. Nadia has the ability to reach her students in profound ways; inspiring them as humans, challenging them to their fullest potential, and nurturing their art.”

– Amber Dupuy (Professional Dancer)

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“Nadia radiates a contagious passion to the art of dance influencing students of all ages. Her inspiration creates excitement in all of her dancers ! Congratulations on your new endeavor and best wishes with Paradise Performing Arts Center!”

-Bonnie Copeland (Owner and Creative Director of Encore Dance Centre, San Dimas, California)

image1 image2
“Nadia has great passion for dancing and the arts. She always goes above and beyond for her students who  she cares for immensely. Her classes are fun, engaging and well structured. Me and my children have learned so much from her and look forward to training at PPAC!”
-Jennie Kaneshiro (Parent of student that began dancing with Nadia at 4 years old)