Fall Semester August 12th – December 8th, 2019

All dance classes are held at Paradise Performing Arts Center @ 29 Shipman Street #202, Hilo HI 96720.

Tap II/III (Ages 12+ Up) – Wednesday 5:15-6:45pm
This is an Intermediate/Advance class for the student who has 2+ years experience in tap. Students will broaden their basic techniques into multiple rhythmic combinations and sequences utilizing both Broadway and Rhythm styles. Classes groove along to multiple forms of jazz/funk music creating a fun, light and rhythmic environment! Students will also be introduced to basic Mindfulness techniques to help them tune into their bodies, tap into their senses and learn how to breathe to help keep them balanced. Students will be evaluated in the first 2 weeks of class to ensure it’s a good fit for their dance learning experience.
$255 Semester Tuition

Instructor: Reina Dawn

Adult Tap (Beg/Int) – Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm
This is a beginning to Intermediate class for those new or lightly experienced in Tap dance – we’re staring from the top! Come get your toes (and heels) a tappin’ learning the basic techniques and terminology of Tap through both Rythym and Broadway styles. Classes groove along to multiple forms of jazz music creating a fun, light and rhythmic environment!
$170 Semester Tuition

Instructor: Reina Dawn


Tap Dance Classes:

The aim for tap classes is to teach level-appropriate tap fundamentals that can be built-upon as dancers advance in their training. Basic steps will be taught in an easy to learn, fun, and safe manner that encourages group and individual participation. Once mastered, basic steps will be combined to create short combinations that will be practiced across the floor and in the center of the room, and eventually strung into full-length choreography that showcases the students’ talent and ability. Additional emphasis will be placed on learning balance and shifting weight, creating proper tap sounds, rhythm, and coordinating tempo of steps to music as well as listening other dancers to produce a strong collective sound.

Buying Tap Shoes:

Although there are many tap shoe styles available at a variety of price ranges online, we recommending selecting a simple or “beginning” shoe that’s available locally and fits your budget. Should your child continue tapping, he or she will likely develop a more specific preference for tap shoes in later training.

You can purchase tap shoes for your child locally at several stores, including Backstage dance boutique and Payless Shoes. Tap shoes should fit your child comfortably, while wearing thin socks or tights. Please be advised that your child’s tap shoe size may not match street shoe size. In addition, make sure your child can fully rotate the ankle, point , and flex the foot without the shoes slipping off. For beginning female tappers, please select shoes without a heel (e.g. ½ inch or less). For all beginning tappers, please avoid selecting split-sole style shoes.

Benefits of tap dance:

Tap dance is a unique form of dance that encourages the use of sound and rhythm. Because of its rhythmic nature, which is somewhat mathematic, students learn to count and maintain tempo, and develop the ability to match this to music. Students also cultivate an ability to hear and reproduce sounds. In addition, they learn to synchronize dance steps by matching the sounds of their own taps to the group collective. Tap dance encourages a student’s ability to be in-sync with the other dancers on stage by developing the listening-ear, rather than by learning choreography solely visually. Tap dance is also an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, as it incorporates many high-energy movements such as jumping, skipping, and travelling across the dance floor.


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